Topic – 2017

China Policy Barometer – 2017 Wave

Policy Debates:

PolicyConsultDebateLiberal PositionConservative Position
Nuclear EnergyYWho should oversee the safety and management of nuclear power plants?The safety and management of nuclear power plants is a matter of local concern and should, therefore, be overseen by local authorities and the local public.The safety and management of nuclear power plants is national matter and, should be overseen by central authorities and safety agencies.
Ride SharingYMobile ride-sharing services are changing China’s transportation industry, but how should they be regulated?Mobile ride-sharing services and their drivers are regulated by the market, treating them under the same rules as the traditional taxi industry is unnecessary. Mobile ride-sharing services and their drivers should follow the same regulations as the traditional taxi industry.  
Public SecurityYVideo surveillance is an important part of public security, but how should it be used and regulated?Public security agencies should demonstrate a public security need before installing surveillance cameras in public areas.Public security agencies should have full discretion to install surveillance cameras in public areas.
Chinese MedicineYThe government recently promoted traditional Chinese medicine, for anything from physical therapy to treating deadly diseases like HIV.I do not support this decision.I support this decision.
Domestic PassportsHukou influences education options, access to social services, as well as the right to buy property. The hukou system is inappropriate, China is already very unequal and hukou reinforces the unfairness.The hukou system is appropriate, China’s population is too large and hukou helps to ration limited resources.
Affirmative ActionShould universities and colleges have special quotas for marginalized students?Quotas are necessary, without them marginalized students will be left out of higher education.Quotas are unfair, every student should be subjected to the same selection procedure.
South China SeaTensions in the South China Sea are growing, how should China deal with this issue?Act according to international law and use diplomacy to promote mutual interests and understanding.Act according to China’s naval capability and use force to promote China’s national interest.
Foreign AidShould China devote funds to aid and investment abroad?It is wise, foreign aid and investment help China find new friends and opportunities abroad.It is not wise, many parts of China need aid and investment, why are we sending that money abroad?
Exchange RateA stronger RMB will improve China’s relations with the West. A weaker RMB will help China’s exports. China should let the RMB appreciate. China should let the RMB depreciate.
Capital ControlsCapital controls hurt international trade and limit China’s economy but help insulate China from outside instability?China should loosedn capital controls.China should strengthen capital controls.
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