Topics – 2016

China Policy Barometer – 2016 Wave

Policy Debates:

PolicyConsultDebateLiberal PositionConservative Position
Domestic ViolenceYWhat should be covered under the new anti-domestic violence law?Any harmful behavior, physical or verbal, between all members of the household.Physical violence perpetrated by husband against wife or child.
Foreign NGOsYWhat rules should foreign NGOs in China have to follow?Foreign NGO’s should comply with the same rules that govern domestic NGO’s.Foreign NGO’s should comply with the same rules that govern domestic NGO’s and be subject to additional supervision by Chinese public security authorities.
Online PrivacyYHow should do government go about ensuring cybersecurity?The government should prevent online crime but not by encroaching on the privacy of web users.The government should do whatever is necessary to maximize security, even if it means sacrificing the privacy of web users.
Budget OversightYWhat role should the Chinese People’s Congresses (PCs) have in overseeing government budgets?The PCs should have the power to approve, audit, or modify budget, even at the price of administrative efficiency.The PCs could have the power to approve or reject budget, but should not interfere with the details of the budget.
Environment LitigationYWhat role does litigation have in environmental law and protection?Any individual or group should have the right to initiate environmental litigation, regardless of whether they are directly harmed by pollution.Only those individuals or groups who are directly harmed by the pollution should have the right to initiate an environmental litigation against the polluters.
Wildlife ProtectionYWhat should the new Wildlife Protection Law focus on?Protect all wildlife and prohibit all exploitation of wildlife including traditional such as cultural and medicinal.Protect only near-extinct species and respect traditional uses of wildlife, such as cultural and medicinal.
Counter TerrorismYPeople recognize the danger of terrorism but who should be treated as terrorists?Only those individuals or groups who are known to have participated in terrorist activities should be treated as terrorists.Those who conduct terrorist activities and those who sympathize with their ideas should be treated the same.
Minority LanguagesYHow should the government deal with minority languages?Minority languages should be treated as equal to Mandarin in Minority regions.Mandarin should be promoted as the standard national language in all parts of China.
South China SeaHow should China manage territorial disagreements in the South China Sea?Employ negotiation through international institutions to promote mutual understanding and avoid conflict.Ignore international law and promote naval capacity to deter other countries from interfering with the South China Sea.
Informal LendingHow should the government respond to the dangers of informal lending.Deregulate the financial sector and allow the private sector to replace informal lending.Strengthen regulations and punish those who take advantage of informal lending to extract excessive interest rates.
Stock Market ControlHow should the government respond to stock market volatility?The government should stay out of the stock market and let it self-adjust.The government should take more action to reduce volatility and prevent downturns.
Media SupervisionShould the government supervise the media, or the other way around?The government should not interfere with the media, otherwise the media cannot help supervise the government.The media should be supervised by the government to ensure professionalism.
Urban-PlanningHow should the government manage private and public interests in urban development?Protecting private property should be the priority in city planning, the government has no right to force open closed residential zones.Overall efficiency should be the priority of city planning, the government has the right to open closed residential zones and redirect the city traffic.

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