Topic – 2018

Policy Topics (topics with * also contains experiment setting in survey)

PolicyConsultDebateLiberal PositionConservative Position
capital control*What is your opinion on Capital ControlReduce the capital controlEnhance the capital control
Trade Policy*What do you think China should do with its international trade policy? Decrease trade barriersIncrease trade Barriers
constitution amendmentDo you think the constitutional amendment is good for China?It is not good for ChinaIt is good for China
Supervisory Commission

What is your opinion on the National Supervisory Commission
It is too powerful and may damage the rule of lawIt is necessary to have strong power to curb corruption
Hero protectionChina has passed a law to protect its hero and punish those who do not respect the heroes.What is your opinion?The law is not suitable and over-protecting the image of heroesIt is suitable and patriotic
South China SeaChina has territory disputes with other nations regarding the South China Sea, what do you think is the best solution?Negotiation under the frame of International LawDevelop Military Power to detain other nations
Foreign aidsIn recent years, China has spent a lot in foreign aids, what is your opinion on it?It’s wise since China can get new friends and opportunity abroadIt’s not wise. Many domestic places still need investment and assistance, why should we spend money abroad?

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