Topic – 2019

Policy Topics with two positions (topics with * also contains experiment setting in survey)

PolicyConsultDebateLiberal PositionConservative Position
Public Sector PrivatizationShould the restrictions on private schools and hospitals be loosen?Yes, since extend services to more peopleNo, since it create more inequalities
Equality of Apartment Should government equalize the rights of apartment rental and apartment ownership?Yes, since it protects the equality of all residentsNo, since it is unfair to apartment owners who paid a lot more
Trade Policy*What do you think China should do with its international trade policy? Decrease trade barriersIncrease trade Barriers
Innovation Policy*What do you think the state should do with its high-tech innovation policy? strengthen cooperation with foreign firmsstrengthen indigenous innovation
Foreign aids*In recent years, China has spent a lot in foreign aids, what is your opinion on it?It’s wise since China can get new friends and opportunity abroadIt’s not wise. Many domestic places still need investment and assistance, why should we spend money abroad?
South China SeaChina has territory disputes with other nations regarding the South China Sea, what do you think is the best solution?Negotiation under the frame of International LawDevelop Military Power to detain other nations

Policy Topics with experiment settings in survey (No liberal and conservative positions are stated)

Retirement age Should China increases the retirement age?
Waste SortingShould the waste sorting rules be expanded to all cities in China? 
Tax increaseWould you support a small increase in income taxes?
AIIBDo you agree that the government should continue to support the AIIB? 
Freedom of NavigationDo you agree that China should respect freedom of navigation norms in the South China Sea?
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